About the Artist

Patricia Strout completed her BFA in painting at Tech Tech University in 1980. She then pursued her muses to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Patricia has worked as a professional artist-blacksmith for over 35 years, blending multiple conceptual perspectives in various media. Her work includes whimsical sculptures, functional work, large architectural projects and jewelry in mixed metals. Strout draws much of her 3-dimensional work from her paintings. The painting reflect her personal mythology and are influenced by the southwest and its diverse culture.

Patricia has contributed to the artistic landscape of Sante Fe by co-founding the Shrine Show, the Neo-humorist show and has been producing numerous exhibitions since 1984. She currently has a studio off the grid somewhere in New Mexico. Patricia uses the seclusion to focus her energy as she creates sculptures, paintings and jewelry.

She forges steel into exotic shapes and then accents them with 22k gold and precious stones. Her pieces complement the world she creates through her other media. The jewelry brings the imagination into the present to be worn as personal talismans.